3-D Printed “Magic Arms” Let A Toddler Hug And Play
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In the last few years, we’ve seen everything from handcuff keys to prescription medication emerge from the beds of 3-D printers. But Emma Lavelle’s story is one of the most compelling examples of the technology in recent memory.

8 Tips & Tricks on Windows 8
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Microsoft's forthcoming PC and tablet OS has lots of good stuff for those willing to look

We're just a few months away from Windows 8's final release. A new operating system can be overwhelming, and not all the changes and additions will appeal to you, but a lot of good stuff in Windows 8 is getting lost in the complaints about what Windows 8 doesn't do so well.

iPhone 5, End of the Smartphone Era
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The great smartphone boom is about to end. That’s according to one savvy tech prognosticator, Bill Whyman, head of the investment research firm International Strategy & Investment‘s tech strategy research team, who tends to look more than a couple quarters ahead.

Tips for Troubleshooting Apple Products
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Top tips for troubleshooting your Apple products

Takeaway: Don’t spin your wheels trying to fix a problem with an Apple product. These tips will help you find the shortest route to a speedy solution.

I wear many hats, both professionally and in my personal life. Oftentimes, I find myself troubleshooting Apple products at work and lending a hand to friends and family in times of technological need. I’ve discovered that although many people I know have Apple products, few of them know the best ways to go about troubleshooting problems and finding a resolution. I’m going to take you through some of the services  Apple offers and give you tips on getting into and out of an Apple Store unscathed.